Can I change the dates of my package or change the order of the cities I visit/sites I see?

Travel packages are at set times and dates in order to accommodate large group travel. We can help you extend your stay if you would like to arrive early or depart later than the package dates.

Can my friend who did not purchase a travel package ride the bus with me from Kerry to Dublin if there are open spots?

Only guests who purchased Official Travel Packages with Anthony Travel will be allowed on bus transportation.

Can Anthony Travel guarantee that I will be on the same bus as my friend during my tour?

Guests on the same tour and staying at the same hotel will have the same scheduled bus transportation. If multiple buses are used, boarding will be first-come first-serve.

I need to cancel my trip and my friend would like to purchase my travel package from me. Can I change the name and shipping address on file?

Yes, but please keep in mind no changes are allowed after July 1, 2016.

Can I pay the full balance of my trip at the time of booking?

Yes. Standard package cancellations fees will still apply if you wish to pay for your trip in full or in increments.

I would like to plan a trip before/after my Ireland package; can someone at Anthony Travel assist me?

Yes! Please email us at or call 877-260-0645.

If my package includes a 1-Day Dublin Pass, what attractions and tours will I have access to?

Your Dublin Pass will include attractions to Guinness Storehouse, Old Jameson Distillery, Aviva Stadium Tour, Dublin Zoo, Christ Church Cathedral, Kilmainham Gaol, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Malahide Castle, National Gallery of Ireland and more.


Are non-smoking rooms available?

Yes, all rooms are non-smoking.

How do I request an adjoining/connecting/handicap room?

Please make your request with Anthony Travel when making your reservation. Specific room types may not be confirmed until your day of arrival.

How do I request a crib or rollaway bed?

Crib and rollaway requests are based upon availability and need to be requested through Anthony Travel. There may be additional charges due to the hotel for a crib or rollaway.

Can I extend my stay?

Yes, you may add additional nights on to your reservation. Please contact Anthony Travel at 877-260-0645 or at for information on extending your stay.

Can I use my personal cell phone/laptop/hairdryer/curling iron/etc. in my hotel?

Ireland adapters and converters are often necessary depending on your particular equipment and its voltage requirements. Some hotels offer adapters for a small fee. Most cell phone and laptop chargers have built in converters.

Why doesn’t the hotel have a record of my reservation?

You are a part of the Anthony Travel group block and the hotel will not have your name until about 30 days before your arrival. Please make all special requests and changes directly through Anthony Travel.

Why don’t most hotels in Ireland have air conditioning?

Due to Ireland’s mild climate, most hotels throughout the country do not have air conditioning.


I would like to purchase group air with Anthony Travel. Can I change my flight time to leave at a later date?

Group air flights cannot be modified to fit individual requests as they are set flights and times.

Can I purchase a commercial connecting flight to accompany a group air flight?

Yes, but please know that this means you are purchasing two separate tickets. If your connecting flight gets delayed or cancelled and you miss the group air flight, the airline will charge you the additional cost of a ticket in order for you to be rebooked.

My child is 3 years old; will they need an airline ticket?

Yes, children over the age of 2 at the time of travel need their own ticket.

How early do I need to arrive at the airport?

We recommend arriving at the airport three hours prior to departure time for international flights.

Will I have to go through Customs on the way back home?

Dependent on the airport schedule, you may pre-clear Customs in Ireland or you may go through customs on return to your origin country. You will need to show a valid passport.

How does transportation to and from the airport in Ireland work?

For Group Air guests only – when you deplane in Ireland, you will proceed through Immigration and Customs, collect your luggage and proceed towards the exit. An Anthony Travel staff member will greet you and direct you to your transportation to your hotel. When leaving Ireland, you will receive a Departure Notice that will note the time that your motor coach will pick you up from your hotel.

Do I receive airport transportation since I booked my flight with Anthony Travel?

Please note there is a difference between Group Air and booking commercial air through an Anthony Travel agent. Group Air flights have set schedules and a limited number of seats available for our group. Guests do have the option of booking commercial flights to fit their schedule or a seat on a Group Air plane. In these cases, transportation to and from the airport in Ireland is not included in the price and will need to be booked and paid for separately.

What is the transfer time from the airport to the hotel?

Shannon Airport to Kerry – 2 hours. Shannon Airport to Cork – 1 hour, 45 minutes. Shannon Airport to Galway – 1 hour, 15 minutes. Dublin Airport to Dublin – 15-30 minutes. Dublin Airport to Galway – 2 hours, 30 minutes. Dublin Airport to Cork – 3 hours. Dublin Airport to Belfast – 2 hours. Belfast Airport to Belfast – 10-15 minutes.


Will my tee time be rescheduled if the weather keeps me from playing?

If the course is closed, your tee time will be rescheduled if possible. In Ireland, it is very rare that the courses will close due to weather.

What should I wear?

Formal golf attire is encouraged and sometimes required. It is also recommended that you bring water proof clothing.

Should I bring my clubs?

We will ask you during the reservation process if you require rental clubs. Rental clubs will be an extra cost to pay at each course and are often of very good quality.

Do all of the courses have golf carts?

No, not all courses have golf carts and some courses do not allow carts except for medical reasons. It is expected that golfers will walk each course and either carry/push their clubs or hire a caddy.

Will lunch be provided at the course?

No, lunch is not provided. Most courses have a club house where you will be able to eat lunch or grab a snack during or after your round.

Is a caddy included?

We will ask you during your reservation process if you require a caddy. A caddy usually costs around 50 euro per round and they only accept cash. Some caddies are “shared” meaning they will carry two bags.

Is it possible to book a golf package for myself and book a regular travel package for my spouse/friend traveling with me?

Yes! We have non-golf packages that accompany the golf packages.

Can I book a regular travel package and add one round of golf during free time or in place of a tour?

Yes, we will be able to refer you to a representative who will be able to help you arrange tee times. Please keep in mind that a full game of golf might interfere with your prepaid tours and events which are included with your travel package. Refunds cannot be given for missing scheduled tours.

How early will I arrive before my tee time?

A group of golfers will arrive at the course at the same time, so depending on your tee time you may arrive anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours before your tee time.


Will game tickets be available outside of the travel package?

At this time, game tickets are only available through official travel packages.

Can I upgrade my game ticket?

Game tickets are assigned according to the timelines and priority’s outlined in the Stadium Seating section.

Do infants and children need tickets to get into the game?

Children age 2 and under do not require a game ticket.


I made my reservation with my friend and we have one shipping address on file. Can you ship my pre- departure package directly to me?

Yes, you will need to notify Anthony Travel of your shipping address before the July 1, 2016 deadline.

Can you send my pre-departure package early?

Unfortunately, no; we send all package items to travelers at the same time. You may call FedEx once your package is shipped and have them hold it at the nearest FedEx location if you will not be present to receive the package.

I lost my passport/my passport is expired, what now?

You will not be allowed to travel to Ireland, or home to the US, without a valid passport. Prior to departure, contact your closest passport office. During the trip, you must work through the US Embassy in Dublin (01) 668-8777 or (01) 630-6200.

Can my kids go in the pubs?

Typically, accompanied minors (17 & under) can be in a pub until 9 p.m. Almost all pubs serve food.

Will my medical insurance work in Ireland?

This will depend on your specific insurance, please call your carrier to make sure you are covered.

What is an Irish Breakfast?

A full Irish Breakfast includes all or most of the following foods depending on the restaurant/hotel: eggs, bacon, sausage, pudding, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Can you help me rent a car?

Absolutely! Call us at 877-260-0645. Cars tend to get limited close to the trip so be sure to book yours early.

Should I exchange currency?

How do I exchange my currency? Yes, Irish businesses will not accept US Dollars. ATMs are typically the best and easiest way to get Euro (Republic of Ireland) or British Pounds (Northern Ireland). They are available in the airport and throughout Dublin. Traveler’s checks and US dollars may also be exchanged, but rates may vary slightly. In the US, you can exchange money at the airport, through Travelex, or some banks.

What can I not take into Aviva Stadium?

Fireworks, smoke canisters, vuvuzelas, bottles, knives, glasses, cans, flag poles, banners, laser devices, dangerous or hazardous items and other similar articles or containers including anything which could or might be used as a weapon are not permitted within the ground and any person in possession of such an article or container may be refused entry or ejected from the Stadium. Umbrellas are not permitted to be used within Aviva Stadium. Strollers are not permitted within Aviva Stadium. Click here for additional information.