Cork | A City Built Upon Water

View from South Mall in the heart of Cork Park

Founded over 1,000 years ago, the City of Cork was built off of Ireland’s South West Coast. It is home to over 120,000 people, and is considered the 2nd largest city in Ireland. This vibrant city life was built on an island in the River Lee, which resulted in the construction of many beautiful bridge pathways for its citizens. The Harbor itself is a sight to see, being known as the second largest harbor in the entire world.  Because of this, the city holds true to their motto: Statio Bene Fide Carinis, which means “A Safe Harbor for Ships.”

Enjoy sightseeing adventures such as the wildlife preserve and arboretum, the whale and dolphin watching off of the harbor, and architectures that are as old as the city itself. The city’s lifestyle, from busy markets to relaxing parks, historic monuments to memorable sights, are one of the many reasons to visit Cork.


Fota Island
Enjoy Fota island, known for its arboretum and wildlife preserve where rare species of plants and exotic wildlife live. The Wildlife Park houses over 70 different species of animals that roam on over 40 acres of grassland.

Blarney Castle
The Blarney Castle is known for it’s popular Blarney Stone. A tradition for over 200 years, those who kiss the stone will be bestowed the gift of eloquence!

Shop at the English Market
Join the bustling excitement, where foods and ingredients from around the world to the local Cork area are displayed and sold in Ireland’s most famous covered food market. Enjoy selections from organic foods to samples from longstanding family-run stalls.

Ballycotton Cliff  Walk
Walk a five mile long pathway with nothing but a vast meadows on one side and the ocean on the other. Take a pit stop at the Ballytrasna, a lovely rocky beach that is well respected by the locals. Public sets are scattered around the pathway to sit and admire the view during a break.

University College Cork
Established in 1845, University College Cork began as one of three Queen’s Colleges in Ireland. The beautiful landscape rests on a hillside next to the River Lee, and is surrounded by large mature trees and lush lawns and gardens. Stroll through the campus’ Main Quadrangle which was built out of limestone when the campus first opened its doors.

Dolphin and Whale Watching
Just on the West side of Cork, where the waters are clear and crisp, look for different species of whales and dolphins that thrive in the area. Because they frequently visit Cork all year round, it makes Cork the best place to look for dolphins and whales in the country of Ireland.

The Jameson Experience
Travel to Midleton, just east of Cork City, and enjoy the journey and story of how Jameson makes their Irish whisky. Be guided through their old distillery that is beautifully well preserved and kept in tact, and end the journey with a nice sample.

Fitzgerald Park
For generations, Cork citizens and visitors have strolled through this Oasis located on the outskirts of Cork City. Witness stunning gardens, a waterlily-bedecked pond, a variety of sculptures, and a skate park. Walk on the bridge made from timber planks over the River Lee, and enjoy the view of many swans who live nearby.

Cork Butter Museum
The Cork Butter Museum houses the history and artifacts of the Butter Trade, one of Ireland’s most successful market. In the area of Cork city, the dairy culture and traditional craft of butter making was highly used. Walk through galleries that display the process of dairying, how butter was made and the significance of the butter trade to Ireland and the world.